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Foundation Learning

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, develop and aspire to live confidently and independently.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, develop and aspire to live confidently and independently.

With small class sizes and a focus on independent living skills, we offer specifically design courses for individuals who would benefit from learning within a supported environment.

By offering a wide range of courses we are able to progress students internally to ensure when they leave the college they have improved their life opportunities and are ready for their next steps.

Programmes on offer:

Prince’s Trust

Aiming to improve confidence, motivation and skills for work this action packed 12-week personal development course is open to 16-24 year olds.


Providing a five-day provision for learners, out Pathways programme is designed for young people who would benefit from studying within a supported environment.

Level 1 Vocational Studies

By developing relevant skills and vocational knowledge we aim to ensure all students can progress through education with confidence.

Supported Internship

Designed for 16-24 year olds who are aiming to secure a job, this programme helps young people with a disability or learning difficulty make their first step into employment in a way tailored to meet their needs.

Skills to Employment Progression (STEP)

Created for young people who learn better through practical experiences but may not be confident about their next steps, our STEP programme enables students to get into work-based learning and back into education.


Created for students who prefer to learn through practical experience. This course will prepare you for employment or an Apprenticeship by developing your work ready skills, English & Maths and work placement.


The latest Ofsted inspections at the college rated it’s provision for learners with high needs as good.

Arrangements to manage the transition of learners from school to college are effective. [...] [Teaching and support staff] make effective use of the information on learners' starting points secured at induction to plan learning programmes that take good account of learners' interests, hobbies, aspirations for the future, and of any travel or mobility difficulties.

Learners develop useful skills through activities designed to meet their needs and interests. [...] Learning support assistants work well with teachers to provide learners with an appropriate level of support that ensures the large majority of learners excel.

Learners' behaviour is good and managed well by staff. [...] Highly effective partnerships between the college and the local authority, employers and voluntary sector organisations ensure that learners take up a broad range of appropriate work experience.