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The support we will provide

We work with you before during and after an Apprenticeship.

Our efforts are focused on meeting your business needs and the training and development needs of your apprentice.

Before the Apprenticeship

Prior to the training programme, we will:

  • Hold an advisory meeting with you to discuss your intended outcomes and training requirements
  • Offer you a comprehensive recruitment service provided by our Business Development Team
  • Provide accurate advice and guidance on the most appropriate training
  • Provide clear information on content, duration, assessment requirements and the costs of hiring an apprentice.

During the Apprenticeship

At the start of the training programme we will:

  • Provide a comprehensive induction, alongside information on content, timetable, assessment of progress, the regularity of reviews, Health & Safety requirements and equal opportunities review
  • Agree on the learning content with you, including the selection of training which best fits your business needs
  • We will help support and advise you regarding Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity, as well as go through the college's PREVENT agenda program to ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities as an employer of apprentices.

During the training programme we will:

  • Provide high-quality training taking into account your business needs and the apprentice's ability
  • Provide a professional and highly competent Delivery Team, with relevant expertise
  • Provide regular updates and reviews of progress for your apprentice against agreed targets
  • Monitor learner progress and attainment to help them to achieve their goal
  • Provide Additional Learning Support where required
  • Ensure completed work meets the requirements and standards of the awarding body
  • We will contact you regularly to inform you of your apprentice's process, attendance and punctuality whilst studying with us.

After the Apprenticeship

After the training programme we will:

  • Work with you to evaluate the benefits of the training programme to your organisation within three months of completion
  • Suggest relevant follow-up or new opportunities for additional development
  • Agree on appropriate progression with you and the apprentice.


Our experienced assessors are occupationally competent and qualified within their specific sectors. An assessor will work with you to manage the performance of your apprentice.

In particular, the assessor will:

  • Assess the competency level of the apprentice
  • Undertake one-to-one support and feedback on their performance
  • Undertake progress reviews every 10-12 weeks throughout the duration of their programme
  • Supply both you and your apprentice with detailed assessment feedback on their progress.

Progress Coach 

As well as an assessor each apprentice receives a Progress Coach to monitor personal development and behaviour as well as being able to offer one-to-one support.