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Software Engineer

With technology’s role in everyday life, this provides plenty of job prospects.


Software is used by almost every industry and has become a vital part of business. As a Software Engineer, you will combine IT and maths skills to build computer systems and fix faults.

Career Overview

Software Engineers are in high demand as the digital economy is rapidly expanding. With technology set to play a bigger role in everyday life, this is an area with plenty of job prospects.

You could work in a variety of roles as there are no set job titles in this industry. Specialisms include systems designers, testers or analysts. 

As a software engineer you will have to

  • Understand what users need to access, when and how to effectively create programs that suit the business need
  • Audit and improve current systems to increase productivity or react to different priorities
  • Continue your professional development by taking part in training courses
  • Integrate different systems to create a seamless working environment
  • Work with different departments across an organisation or as a contractor
  • Control access to systems and maintain security
  • Think analytically to solve errors or issues

Career Prospects

Depending on your skills, you can move up to a senior software engineer quite quickly. When you first enter the workplace, you will work under supervision and have a mentor or senior member of staff who will advise and guide you through the first few years of your career.

I typically takes around three to four years to become more senior and start working on longer term, more complex systems.

As a software engineer with more than five years of experience, you will work on large scale projects such as rewriting and redesigning systems for highly complex organisations. You will often manage a team of staff and become a specialist in a particular area.

Academic Route

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Professional Route

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