Early Years Childcare & Education

Careers in the Early Years Childcare & Education industries.

The Early Years, Childcare & Education sector is made up of highly-trained professionals who inspire and help children to develop – making this a very rewarding career.

Career Options

Working with children can be a very rewarding career, whether you want to work with early years, school children or teenagers. Working within this sector will give you the chance to travel should you wish to do so working within different cultures helping children across the world.

Although the main recruitment areas for childcare are within the charity and education sector there are surprisingly more industries that require the skills needed to work with children.

Whilst working within this industry each day you will get to inspire, shape and support a young person’s life. And as a highly regulated area, it is important you hold the right skills, qualifications and experience to excel in your career.

To be successful within this industry you must have patience, a passion for helping others and enthusiasm.

Our Career Pathways

Our career pathways have been designed alongside employers from this sector. They are a bespoke mix of qualifications and professional development opportunities, which will enable you to develop additional skills that employers are looking for.

Discover our pathways:

Early Years Practitioner playing with three young children around a table

Early Years Pathway

Leading to employment in Early Years, Childcare and Education

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