Early Years Professional


Inspire, excite and support children through education and build the foundations for lifetime learning. A career as an Early Years Professional is fulfilling and will give you the chance to share your enthusiasm for early years learning.

Career Overview

Early Years Professionals work with children aged from a few months old typically up until the age of five. You may spend your career working in a nursery, pre-school or with children in their first year of primary school.

This is a rewarding career that gives you the unique chance to motivate children and play a major role in their lives. You will work to give them all the skills they need to move on to primary school.

As an early years professional you will have to

  • Help children develop skills for education and their personal life
  • Provide guidance and care for children in different circumstances and make them feel safe and supported at all times
  • Work to develop young children’s speech, social and co-ordination skills
  • Use stories, music, games and creative techniques to inspire and encourage the children in your care
  • Work with teachers, teaching assistants, parents and volunteers to make sure children are learning what they need to progress
  • Train in health and safety and ensure the environment is safe and secure
  • Teach the basics of English and Maths to pre-school age children through interactive and imaginative learning
  • Record how each child is progressing and tailor your care to ensure they are supported through anything they find difficult or challenging
  • Improve and build on your own practice to ensure you are constantly developing throughout your career

Career Prospects

After completing the Career Package and gaining the qualifications and skills you need, you may want to go straight to work in a nursery or pre-school or continue your studies with our Foundation Degree in Early Years or BA (Hons) in Education & Early Years at the Seevic campus.

You could take a course in business management to progress to become a nursery manger or specialise in a specific field such as special educational needs with additional qualifications.