A career as a teacher gives you the chance to make a real difference to young people and share your enthusiasm for learning.

Career overview

As a teacher, you will prepare lessons that work for students with a wide range of abilities and support pupils to achieve their goals.

You will use a range of methods and challenge students to think differently about subject areas in order for them to understand the topics fully.

As a teacher you will have to

  • Prepare and deliver lessons to students of different ages and abilities
  • Give feedback to your students by marking work and holding one to one sessions
  • Keep a record of pupils’ progress and set them aspirational target grades
  • Use a range of different teaching and learning methods, making your lessons interactive and engaging
  • Set out revision targets and prepare students for exams
  • Manage students’ behaviour and offer them support through their studies or personal issues
  • Speak with parents and carers to update them on progress throughout the year
  • Keep up to date with changes in your subject area
  • Speak with careers advisers, child welfare officers and other colleagues to provide the best possible learning environment for your pupils
  • Supervise teaching assistants
  • Arrange trips, social activities and events
  • Participate in regular training days designed to develop you as a teacher

Career Prospects

Teaching jobs are available at different levels and you can work with any age group. You could specialise in a subject area and become head of that department, move to a coaching or mentoring role or into management. Teachers are also able to supplement income by offering private one-to-one tuition, marking or invigilating exams or writing textbooks.