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If you love working with numbers and want to build a high-earning career then choose the Accountant Career Package.

Career Overview

Accountants work within businesses or as external contractors to advise, audit accounts, provide information and financial reports. You may be helping companies understand taxes, looking through accounts to find savings or dealing with firms entering administration or insolvency.

You will be able to work in many different areas including charities, public sector or Government roles and private companies.

As an accountant you will have to

  • Understand complex financial situations and processes
  • Manage budgets, financial systems and carry out audits
  • Advise businesses and individuals about their finances and offer risk assessments
  • Discover fraud and set up systems to protect businesses against illegal activity
  • Audit accounts and speak to external agencies
  • Give recommendations and solve business issues
  • Check systems and financial information
  • Speak to businesses about tax issues and ensure companies are operating in legal guidelines

Career Prospects

Accountants are in high demand and you can work across a wide range of sectors and businesses. When you first enter the industry you will work as a chartered accountant and build up experience over the course of two to three years.

Once you have some work experience, you will become more involved with clients and you could start to specialise in a particular area or work abroad to build skills and knowledge.

There is a clear route to the top of this profession with positions and promotions available from junior to the most senior levels. It usually takes around two years to become a manager and then another three to move into a more senior role.

Accountants can become partners although this is very competitive and would usually require at least ten years’ experience as a working accountant.

Academic Route

Choose three A-Levels to study as part of this career package.

Professional Route

Choose one of these courses to study as part of this career package.