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Investment Banker


If you have a head for finance then a career as an investment banker will let you put your skills to the test. To become a successful investment banker you need to understand how money is made and invested. You may work for global companies, governments or financial institutions like a bank. 

Career Overview

An investment banker will work in many different areas and there are specialisms employees are able to move into. You will manage everything from mergers, acquisitions, loans, management buyouts or provide financial advice to clients on their businesses.

You can work in corporate finance which specialises in expanding businesses, changing company’s offerings or give advice on mergers.

Another career specialism is working with banks and other lenders on debt capital or you can move into equity to advise clients on capital raising and analysing products.

As an investment banker you will have to

  • Research market conditions and trends to ensure you are giving sound advice
  • Identify business opportunities for your clients
  • Dealing with senior leaders such as chief executives and chief financial officers in global businesses
  • Work closely with accountants, lawyers and other professionals to ensure strategic goals are achieved
  • Look at business deals and understanding opportunities and risks
  • Create financial models and forecasts to present solutions to your customers

Career Prospects

After leaving college or university, you will likely start your career as a financial analyst in a two or three year in-house trainee program. Once you complete this, you will become an associate and have your own team of financial analysts working for you.

Typically, it takes around three years to progress to vice president and gain your own clients. Senior roles include director and managing director which can be achieved within ten years of graduation.

Headhunting is common in investment banking and banks will often approach high-performing staff directly.

Academic Route

Choose three A-Levels to study as part of this career package. 

Professional Route

Choose one of these courses to study as part of this career package.