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Marketing Executive


A career in marketing is varied and creative with plenty of opportunities. You will work on marketing and communications strategies, branding, messaging and advertising as well as a variety of other tasks to promote a product or campaign.

Career Overview

You’ll need excellent communication skills as well as a creative ability and the ability to think strategically. Marketing executives develop campaigns targeted to specific people or organisations to increase brand awareness, raise sales or increase market share.

You may work in the public or private sector and organise events, create advertising campaigns, rebrand a product or business and deal with the press.

Your day to day role will depend on the strategic goals of the business you work for. You could be trying to sell a particular product or targeting specific demographics with an idea or issue.

As a marketing executive you will have to

  • Understand your client’s goals and create a strategy and operational plan to achieve them
  • Deal with designers, copywriters and other creatives to complete projects
  • Source advertising in targeted locations and negotiate rates and timescales to suit your budget
  • Write and proof read marketing copy
  • Engage with customers on social media and create inbound campaigns to increase brand awareness or sales
  • Use and understand marketing applications such as Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture and Hootsuite
  • Update an distribute marketing collateral
  • Create content such as videos, images and blog posts for print, online and social media
  • Carry out market research
  • Measure and monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and calculate Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Create and maintain communications channels for internal and external audiences

Career Prospects

Marketing is a growth industry and there are a wide variety of jobs and specialisms. You can progress quickly with the right skills and move from a junior employee to a senior manager or director.

Working in-house at an agency or within an organisation or self-employed as a consultant, you can be part of a huge variety of projects.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing offers chartered status through career-specific courses which will help you progress in this industry.

You can remain in general marketing or move into one of many different specialisms including digital, event management, public relations, marketing communications and direct marketing.

Academic Route

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Professional Route

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Apprenticeship Route

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