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Medical Scientist

Medical scientists are involved in crucial work which keeps our community well.


If you have a love for science and problem solving skills you could be well suited to a career as a Medical Scientist.

Medical scientists are involved in crucial work which keeps our community well. If you want to help create new medicines and find ways to help people battling illnesses then this Career Package will

You’ll need to enjoy working as part of a team and have the patience and resilience to see a long-term project through to completion.

Career Overview

New drugs are being developed all the time to give people a better quality of life, cure previously terminal conditions or preventing illness.

You will be part of teams working to create better and more effective treatments for use in the NHS or across the globe.

As a medical chemist you will have to

  • Plan and carry out experiments to a set brief
  • Analyse results and write reports to understand how effective a new treatment or chemical is
  • Work with colleagues and professionals across the sector to achieve your aims
  • Keep upto date with other new developments in your chosen field and beyond and understand how these changes will affect your own work
  • Speak to funding organisations about the research you are carrying out and demonstrate its uses
  • Look at how new medicines will be produced and analyse any loss of quality or effectiveness when prepared in bulk

Career Prospects

After completing this Career Package, you could go straight into employment or continue your studies at university.

Careers are available within the NHS or with private organisations and you will begin as a junior medical scientist and could become a specialist in a particular area, manager or team leader. 

Academic Route

Choose three A-Levels to study as part of this career package. 

Professional route

Choose one of these courses to study as part of this career package