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Midwives guide women from the early days of pregnancy right through to birth


If you are calm, reassuring and want to support women through one of the best experiences of their lives then a career as a midwife could be for you.

Midwives guide women from the early days of pregnancy right through to birth and postnatal period. You help them decide what assistance and care they want as well as helping them understand what will happen before, during and after the birth of their baby.

Career Overview

Midwives need to communicate clearly and will be responsible for the mother and baby throughout pregnancy. You will work with hospital colleagues and give information about antenatal services and parenting advice organisations.

You will need to react quickly and be confident making decisions in emotional and pressurised situations.

As a midwife you will have to

  • Keep a close check on women throughout their pregnancy
  • Provide all antenatal care to ensure the mother and baby are well looked after and all screening tests are completed
  • Provide support, advice and counselling to women throughout their pregnancy and after birth
  • Help women make decisions about their care by offering accurate information
  • Support women through labour and birth
  • Offer guidance on breastfeeding, bathing, care and parenting
  • Work with other agencies and arrange continuing care for women after birth

Career Prospects

Once you have qualified as a midwife, you will usually join the NHS working in a hospital, trust or within a local area team. You could also enter the private medical field and could work within the armed forces.

When you first begin your career, you will be guided by an experienced midwife who will give you advice and support in your first few months. Midwives register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council which has to be renewed every three years.

Academic Route

Choose three A-Levels to study as part of this career package. 

Professional Route

Choose one of these courses to study as part of this career package.

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