Social Worker

Social workers make tough decisions and put the best interests of children first


To become an excellent social worker you will need to be caring, patient and resilient. This rewarding career allows you to support children and families through difficult situations. You will protect children from harm and ensure they can live and study in a safe environment.


Career Overview

Social workers have to make tough decisions and put the best interests of children first. You will work in many different ways to support families and community groups. You could work in people’s homes, nurseries, schools or colleges or hospitals.

This is a challenging job but gives you the chance to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Once qualified, you could be supported by social work assistants and you will work closely with other professionals in health and social care.

As a social worker you will have to

  • Work with different groups in society including the elderly, people with learning and physical disabilities, young offenders, people with mental health conditions, schoolchildren, drug and alcohol abusers and the homeless.
  • Interview families and individuals to understand their situation and issues they are facing
  • Offer information and support
  • Speaking to and working with other agencies to provide support
  • Keeping accurate records and preparing legal reports
  • Give evidence in court
  • Take part in training, supervision and team meetings
  • Write up assessments to deadlines

Career Prospects

Once you complete this career package you can go on to study at university or start working as a social worker. Most social workers specialise in a particular area which includes education, healthcare, mental health, nursery age or homelessness.

You may move between these specialisms throughout your career or choose to work with just one group.

As you gain more experience, you will move from working directly with families to managing a team and dealing with budgets, resources and managing issues.

Social workers can also become a practice educator which means you are involved in the supervision and management of social work students or trainees.

You could also become a teacher in one of the related social work subjects.