Life & Sports Sciences

Careers in the Life & Sports Sciences industries.

This sector allows you to dive deeper into the knowledge of Life & Sports Science and experiment with your findings.

Career Options

Within the Life & Sports Science industry you are able to make a difference whilst following your passion.

This sector attracts talented individuals who share the same desire to improve not only themselves but others too - which makes it the fast-paced and ever-changing sector that it is today.

Technology is improving understanding of the industry allowing for more research to be completed and is increasing the number of job opportunities available as a result.

Our Career Pathways

Our career pathways have been designed alongside employers from this sector. They are a bespoke mix of qualifications and professional development opportunities, which will enable you to develop additional skills that employers are looking for.

Discover our pathways:

female medical scientist using a syringe and test tube

Life Sciences Pathway

Leading to either pure science degrees or Biology/Chemistry based disciplines and professional courses

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Sports Scientist running checks on an athlete

Sport Pathway

Leading to degrees in Sport, Sports Science and a range of other sports-related courses

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