Life Sciences Pathway

Leading to either pure science degrees or Biology/Chemistry based disciplines and professional courses

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There are two routes you can take on the Life Sciences Pathway, A-Level or Vocational, either way, they will help you to achieve your dream career.

If you choose to study A-Levels, you need to choose three subjects, some of which may be mandatory, so please check.

If you choose to study a Vocational qualification, you only need to choose one.

Please note, some subjects may not be available at both campuses. Subject combinations can depend on the course/profession, so please check university requirements.



Mandatory A-Level Subjects

You should choose at least one of the following mandatory subjects.

Optional A-Level Subjects

In addition to the above, please choose the remaining complementary subjects you'd like to study below.


Vocational Courses

You should choose one of the following:

Adult & Higher Education Related Courses

Looking to change or further your career? Our Adult & HE courses will help you achieve your dream.