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Personal Trainer


Do you want to turn your passion into a career? Personal Trainers help motivate, improve and support people to become fitter and healthier. If you love keeping fit and want to share your enthusiasm with others this is an ideal Career Package.

Being able to build connections with people, organise your own schedule and market your business are all essential for building a successful career.

Career Overview

Personal trainers work one-to-one with people to make sure they are achieving their fitness goals. You may be working to help people lose weight, improve general fitness or gain muscle. Personal Trainers use a wide range of techniques and equipment to achieve goals both in a gym and outdoors.

As a personal trainer you will have to

  • Asses your clients to understand their fitness, requirements and goals
  • Creating tailored exercise plans to increase fitness, muscle mass or rehabilitation
  • Monitoring progress and adjusting goals as required
  • Providing health, nutrition and lifestyle advice
  • Creating a positive working relationship to ensure clients feel supported and able to discuss their goals and achievements
  • Giving feedback and support
  • Recording all training sessions and helping clients understand their progress
  • Speaking to clients and colleagues while acting as a positive role model
  • Using social media and other marketing techniques to increase your client base and improve your reputation

Career Prospects

Most Personal Trainers are self-employed and either have their own businesses or freelance for gyms and fitness companies.

You can move from a Personal Trainer to a specialist fitness coach and then go on to manage a gym or health club.

Professional Route

Choose one of these courses to study as part of this career package.