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Sports Scientist


Working with world-class athletes to get to the top of their game mentally as well as physically is the job of a sports scientist.

Sports people competing at the Olympics or Commonwealth Games need more than just to be at their physical peak. Competing in such a highly pressurised environment where the slightest mistake could mean the difference between a gold medal and last place.

Career Overview

Sports scientists use psychology alongside physical training to create bespoke training programs tailored to specific athletes.

You will work with coaches to improve performance and overcome barriers. Sports scientists can work from amateur to professional level in sports or with Government organisations to improve exercise participation and general health.

As a sports scientist you will have to

  • Work with coaches, athletes and other training professionals to create tailored plans
  • Create strategies to work towards specific goals such as improving performance or overcoming difficulties
  • Measure performance and how your client is reacting to training and development plans
  • Run counselling workshops to improve mental resilience
  • Help athletes overcoming injury or going through rehabilitation stay focused
  • Offer advice to coaches and teams

Career Prospects

Sports scientists can progress to the very highest levels in the sport and exercise industry. You could stay working with one team or organisation for the majority of your career or launch your own private practise as a specialist in a particular field.

Elite athletes may work for years to compete at international sporting events and, as such, you may stay with an individual or team throughout their career. This will help to build a strong working relationship.

There are job opportunities in the NHS as a health psychologist or within GP practises to help people with health issues.

Academic Route

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Professional Route

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