20 December 2021

Getting on the Job Teaching Experience

Engineering BTEC Level 3 Year 2 student, Thomas Phillips, has been gaining industry experience by helping out as a classroom assistant in engineering classes and in the College’s engineering club.

"Hi, I'm Thomas Phillips, I'm an Engineering BTEC Level 3 Year 2 student, and I'm hoping to become an Engineering Teacher. I have really enjoyed my time in the engineering course so far, and I would recommend it to others. Joining the course has been an amazing way to make friends with teamwork activities.''

"I really love the engineering methods module of the course that teaches me new ways of fabricating products like steam train engines or tool bits. It's even great to get stress out on pieces of metal. Another thing that I enjoy is when a product we have been working on for months is complete and works, the positive feeling from everyone is indescribable.''

"When I started at College as a Level 2 student, I thought that I would like to go into the design side of engineering where I could use my artistic skills to make things into reality. However, as I have worked my way up to Level 3, I have developed a love of teaching and helping others in my department. My classmates even encouraged me to hold after-college clubs!''

"Working as a team with teachers as well as students is an adventure, and I'm now taking extra units and helping out in classes to work my way into a career in teaching."

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