05 March 2020

Calli's Car Culture Exhibition

Calli Faraway studies BTEC Photography Diploma Level 3 with us, and she recently completed an outstanding exhibition on Car Culture for her Extended Project Qualification, and we recently caught up with her on why she chose this topic, and what inspires her.

Calli told us “I have a big passion for cars, it’s like a way of life rather than a hobby”

“People that have a lack of interest in cars might not get to see the positive side of car culture, and will only hear about it through the media, my exhibition showed it from both perspectives; I heard people’s different perspectives and put it into photographs”.

“I had a lot of freedom with the project, because I was such a big thing it was nice to say I did it all. After September I’ll be going to University to do a photography degree, and in summer I’ll be crewing for the Outlaw’s Drag Racing Team doing their photography”.

With International Women’s Day coming up, we asked her who the women were that inspired her in the motoring industry.

Calli said “Michelle Westby has inspired me, she’s a drift racer who is true to herself”, Michelle is a full-time project manager and has also done modelling work to support her passion for racing.

“I’ve met her several times and it’s always a lovely experience, I really look up to her”.

“Vickie Butler-Henderson is also an ex-racing driver who is now a TV presenter who appeared on Top Gear once”.

Calli hopes to become a professional racing photographer after University, and have her own photography business.

For more details on how to apply for a photography course like Calli visit https://www.uspcollege.ac.uk/courses-apprenticeships/our-courses/our-professional-courses-btecs/photography/