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02 December 2019

Boxing star Sonny headed for National Youth Championships

USP Student Sonny Hardy has fought his way to the National Youth Championships in February 2020.

Sonny Hardy, 17, has been boxing since 2010 and will be competing in the British semi-finals in the National Youth Championships in February.  

Sonny, who is in his second year at USP College studying Sport and Exercise Science, gained two titles in one week, winning a Central Area Title Belt and becoming the Anglian NABGC’s Champion.

Winning these titles means that he will be going on to fight in the National Youth Championships for the lightweight belt, following in the footsteps of Olympians such as Hopey Price.

He began training in martial arts such as karate at aged 8, and eventually got into boxing when he felt he was ready to take a sport more seriously.  

When asked how he manages to juggle his College studies alongside boxing, Sonny said “USP College have given me time to compete in the sport while supporting me with my studies”. 

Sonny’s most recent fight took place in Bristol at the NABGC semi-finals, where he took his first loss, however he hopes to arrange a rematch before February.

While hoping to eventually gain a place in the England Olympic squad, Sonny has also thought about going to university to study physiotherapy and nutrition, and then opening his own bootcamp, to inspire others to keep fit and share his passion of boxing.

Boxing (15).JPG