01 December 2021

USP Students attend AoC Conference

USP Students Attend AoC Conference

The Colleges 2021-22 Student Governors, from both our Seevic and Palmer's Campus, attended the AoC Festival of Student Governors in Birmingham in November. The event allowed them to interact with other Student Reps from around the country, as well as learn new skills that will support them in their role as a governors. 

Nicole Dragos, Student Union Governor for our Palmer’s Campus, said, “The staff, venue, accommodation and activities, all contributed to making my stay wonderful. Throughout the two days, we had a tightly prepared schedule with conferences and sessions. I went to a talk called ‘to inclusively and beyond’ where the speaker discussed how their college deals with race and gender identity, and I’m looking forward to integrating some of the ideas into our college. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience and an extraordinary opportunity".

Mils Balcombe, Student Union Governor for our Seevic Campus, said, “I feel like it has really boosted my confidence, both in myself and in my role as Student Governor. We had a very busy two days of meetings and networking, and I made some really good friends. I attended the ‘to inclusivity and beyond’ talk, which was absolutely incredible. This was definitely the highlight of the two days, and it made me aware of areas we can improve on as a college. It was absolutely a trip to remember, and I’d do it all again if I could!”

The Student Governor role is just one of the many positions the College offers to students. Allowing them to support peers, improve the College and of course boost their own CV. Throughout the year they are given both internal and external training, meet with students and governors at the College to discuss and implement new ideas.