19 March 2020

USP Students set up Coronavirus Assistance

Four students from USP College have taken the initiative and set up an assistance service within the Thundersly community to help those most at risk during the Covid-19 crisis. Throughout the coming weeks they will be offering to complete shopping trips and any other necessary excursions on behalf of the elderly and all other high-risk groups locally.
The group came up with the idea after they were laid off from their part time jobs, where they worked together in Rayleigh.

Ayden Ash, 16, Thundersley, said “It just seemed like the right thing to do. As we are not in a high risk category we can take advantage of this to help others.”

The group have begun their mission to assist by posting slips through letterboxes including their contact details, so that they can be notified by text or email if someone is in need of help.

Anna Hall, 17, Thundersley, said “Our aim is to help those at risk, we’re aware that the elderly might catch the virus more easily than us”.

The students will receive requests for items to be delivered, and bring the shopping to your door free of charge, if you are unable to go out yourself.

Caitlin Greenaway, 17, Leigh-On-Sea, said “We want to help people who can’t get out. I lost my part time job this morning so I know I’m going to get some free time and I want to use it wisely”.

Donovan Shishler, 18, Thundersley, said “I just want to provide a service to vulnerable people. It’s not nice knowing that some can’t get out and do their daily tasks. We’re worried that people might not be able to get the essentials”.

Their tutor at USP College, Joanna White, who teaches Animal care and Applied Science, said “I feel that these students should be celebrated shown how proud we are of them for their fantastic and selfless commitment to the community. With all of the anxiety and uncertainty we are all feeling currently, this has made me immensely proud and is so refreshing to hear some positivity from young adults.”

If you know anyone that might require such assistance in the Thundersley area please contact USP College on marketing@uspcollege.ac.uk so that you can be put into contact with the group.