College Companies

Preparing you for your future through live briefs provided by employers

Our College Companies give you the opportunity to work on live projects with local and national employers - to prepare you for the working environment.

Our College Companies are a non-profit organisation within your area of study, they allow you the chance to gain real work experience and professional feedback that relate to your studies. 

How it works

The College Company programme is not additional work to your course, it actually ties in as part of your coursework and assessment, so you don’t have to worry about having less time to focus on your studies. As part of your course your teacher will introduce a topic to you with a project involving the brief given by the company, and you will work collaboratively as a group to complete the task given.

We have a dedicated team who liaise with all the different companies we work with, and manage all of the projects to ensure the smooth running of the programme. This team are also there to assist if you have any queries relating to College Companies, or perhaps to do with the company you are currently working with.

Having previously worked with both local and global companies we are dedicated to ensuring the brief given is beneficial to you and your career goals. 

Why do we run College Companies?

Working with real companies on live briefs during your studies will give you an edge that other candidates in the job market may not have. They will teach you a range of skills which you will need throughout your career such as, how to communicate effectively with professionals to produce the content that they want, how to manage your time with a variety of projects and how to professionally conduct yourself.

By completing this programme it will also give you strong examples which you can discuss at future interviews whether that be for a job or university.

College Companies

Our College Companies give students the chance to work on live projects.