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This programme makes the first steps into employment less daunting.


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Course overview

This is a one year course designed for students up to the age of 25 with an EHCP . It makes the first steps into employment and learning new skills less daunting for individuals with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

The course will benefit students that would like to further develop their functional skills and carry out practical voluntary work with an employer.

They would want to gain work skills and qualities while working with an employer with the support of a job coach

This course will further develop the students Maths and English skills by gaining a qualification in Functional skills alongside an Employability Award or PSD-(Personal Social Development).  

Working with an employer will further develop their independence and social skills and prepare them for adulthood

 Students will benefit from the support of an experienced Job Coach who specialises in guiding those with learning difficulties within the work place. Students will spend two days at College and up to three days in the workplace each week.

Entry requirements

A minimum of Entry Level 1 English and Maths, as well as an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

This programme is designed for young people with a recognised learning difficulty and/or disability who need continued support to access employment opportunities.

If you’re aged 19 or above, you will need an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) to study the programme. You will also need to be committed to work.



What will I study? 


  • English and Maths
    • Employability Award
    • Mindset
    • Completing an application form
    • Getting ready for interviews
    • Health and safety in the places of work.

  • Personal Social Development
    • Healthy eating
    • Personal safety in the home and community
    • Team working
    • Personal Safety
    • Healthy living.

Whilst in College students will work towards an employability qualification as well as qualifications in Functional Skills, English and Maths, and learn skills needed for the workplace and preparing them for adulthood. Every student will develop their team working and problem solving skills, as well as learn about the importance of health and safety in the workplace. Assessment will be through reviews with your Job Coach, Employer and assignments. English and maths will include regular assessments and final written and online examinations.

What could I do next?

The course length varies between 1-2 years dependent on individual circumstances and needs. Our ultimate aim is secure paid employment at the end of the internship or progress to a higher level Apprenticeship programme. All learners are placed where there are real prospects of paid employment in the future.

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