Statement of remote learning

If required the College has the following plan for remote learning.

This plan ensures that you are fully supported in further developing skills and knowledge within your chosen subjects as well as progression towards your future career aim.

We recognise that any further disruption is not ideal for any of you and will do all we can to continue to support you should the need arise again.

How will the college support you through this time?

E-mail communication

Subject teachers and progress coaches will regularly email you to confirm when lessons are taking place, to check whether there are any barriers to learning and to provide you with any important updates or information.

Click Support

Our platform, Click Support, enables students to reach out remotely for specialist support from around the College. This platform can be accessed on the VLE on any device. Furthermore, you can select how you would like to be contacted to ensure you feel safe and comfortable for example, a phone conversation, teams call or email.


The wellbeing team will be available remotely providing their usual services including one to one student support and a continuation of all learner voice-related activities. Our Wellbeing team is available via email:

Seevic Campus –

Palmer’s Campus –

Additional Learning Support

Additional Learning support will continue to be provided throughout remote learning. Learning Support Assistant’s will be present in online lessons and making regular phone calls with students to ensure work is understood.


You should continue to follow your normal timetable and attend all of your lessons. The vast majority of the lessons will be live online lessons though there may be a small number of lessons where relevant and challenging work is set instead. Where this is the case, your subject teachers will inform you in advance. Your subject teachers will initially deliver these live online lessons remotely from home. If safe to do so a number of these lessons will be delivered from the College’s streaming rooms though students will continue to access from home.

Pre GCSE/GCSE English & Mathematics Lessons

All of your Pre-GCSE/GCSE English & Mathematics lessons will be live online lessons. You should continue to attend all of these lessons and engage with all activities within these lessons. If specific work is requested at the end of the lesson then this must be submitted to the relevant subject teacher.

Progress Coach Lessons

Progress Coaches will continue to provide one to one support. You must ensure you use their support and raise any barriers you are facing or concerns that you have.

University or Employment

Progress Coaches, the Careers Team and your subject teachers are still available to support you in achieving your career goal. If you wish to book a careers appointment then you can do so remotely via the link below.

Book a careers appointment. 

What we expect of you

  • To attend all lessons on your timetable and to be punctual to these lessons. This relates to your main qualification(s) as well as any Pre-GCSE/GCSE English & Mathematics and Progress Coach sessions
  • To engage with all activities within each lesson including having your camera switched on and behaving both appropriately and respectfully
  • To meet all deadlines for homework and completed assignments and projects
  • To maintain regular e-mail communication with your teachers
  • To share your timetable with your parents so that they are able to support you with your learning.