What We Expect From Your Young Person

We expect all of our students to behave in a professional and respectful way at the college.

We aim to facilitate this by creating a positive learning environment for our students, who are at the heart of the college, by embedding our values and behaviours in every part of our college.

Our Values & Behaviours

  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Resilience.

As a college, we promote open discussion around these three key areas so individuals can find what these mean to them and to demonstrate these within their everyday lives.

Classroom expectations

We also set classroom expectations for all our students, so they are ready to learn.

Be reliable

Being on time and organised is professional if we all attend on time, we create a productive learning environment.

Be engaged

Save your headphones for outside the classroom - you need to be focused on communicating with your teacher and peers.

Be presentable

Ditch your coats and hats, durag and hoods while in college - look professional.

Be ready

Please have your equipment ready and check your mobile phone is on silent and in your bag.

Be visible

Identify yourself as a student by wearing your lanyard at all times - it will help to keep you safe in college.

Be respectful

Being a professional individual by not only being respectful of staff but also your peers and the environment.

Be resilient

Reacting positively with a growth mindset to successes and challenges.