Values & Behaviours

Our Values & Behaviours are embedded within every part of our college community.

We worked with students and staff to develop our Values & Behaviours which are:

  • Respect

  • Accountability

  • Resilience.

They are embedded within every part of our college, from the way we plan our lessons to the way in which we expect students to behave.

As a college, we promote open discussion around these three key areas so individuals can find what these mean to them and to demonstrate these within their everyday lives.

By demonstrating these Values & Behaviours we aim to create a productive working environment for our staff and a positive learning environment for our students, who are at the heart of the college.


To me, respect means everyone is treated equally and accepting others with no judgement. 

Chantelle Orriss, Level 3 Performing Arts student

To me, accountability means taking responsibility for your actions.

Lily Woolfe-Smith, Level 3 UAL Visual Design student

To me, resilience is always putting in the extra effort. If you get knocked down you still have the passion to get back up and achieve your goals. 

Jacob Ponsonby, Level 3 Biomedical Science student

Our Golden Rules

USP College Golden Rules - Students are expected to be on time to all lessons, students are expected to attend all lessons, lanyards must be worn at all times, food and drink are not to be consumed in the classroom, have respects for your peers, teachers and the environment at all times, coats , hats and headphones are not to be worn in the classroom, students are expected to bring necessary equipment to lessons, students are only to use their phones when directed to do so by the teacher.
To help set expectations of both students and staff we have our classroom golden rules which tie in with our college wide Values & Bahaviours