Specialising in high-end careers

Connecting you with exciting, aspirational careers.

Our mission at USP College is simple: to connect you with exciting, aspirational careers

Whether you plan to go to university or straight into the world of work, all our students share one thing in common: an aspiration to have an exciting and fulfilling career. But getting that first step on the career ladder can be tough. Even armed with qualifications, those entering the job market face an age-old paradox: you can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job.

At USP College, we understand that a great qualification is just the bare minimum that young people fresh out of education need to impress employers. That’s why we’ve designed our curriculum and college experience to focus on giving you real and relevant experience that makes you stand out. During your time with us, you will get plenty of opportunities to work in partnership with businesses and employers; these are seamlessly integrated into your studies through our College Companies, professional development days and industry placements.


But why have we chosen these sectors? 

*South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP)

More than just qualifications 

We believe that an emphasis on careers beyond qualification is right for students, right for employers and right for the local economy. We are proud to be leading innovation and pushing boundaries to ensure the education system not only trains young people to perform well in exams but prepares them for a career at the end of it. 

Our strategy has been designed with the National Careers Strategy and the eight Gatsby Benchmarks, which define the world-class standard of careers guidance in schools and college, at its very core.