Compete in elite national competitions and focus on your player development.

Storm Netball offers you the opportunity to compete at the highest college standard including the AoC Premier League, AoC National Cup and the AoC National Championships. 

We strongly believe in focusing on individual and team player development to achieve success. Within our training sessions you will learn new skills, improve fitness and knowledge of the game as well as practise set plays and different styles of play. We are here as coaches to understand your way of play and help you to realise your full potential. We cater for a range of abilities and welcome players of all standards to train and play within the programme. Our coaching team will mentor and support you as you take part in weekly training sessions and matches.

As a Netball Student-Athlete you will:

  • Have three training sessions per week, two of these will be netball based sessions and the other a S&C session.
  • Have tailored training sessions to your individual needs, focusing on the development of individual and team skills
  • Regular weekly fixtures
  • The chance to compete in the highest level or national and regional competitions.

We believe that outstanding commitment, dedication and having a good team ethos is the key to a player's success. We expect all our players to strive for fantastic results and work to their best ability on the court and in the classroom. We are here to produce the best student athletes we can and hope we can work together to achieve this.