We like to do things a bit differently here at USP College. 

We understand the importance of curriculum and grades but, we are also aware of the ever-changing digital world around us. We want to ensure that we are at the heart of the creations and are implementing these into our students learning and development. 

Our approach 

To develop students all-round to ensure they leave us with the skills employers need and the confidence to get them to their dream career, whether they go to university or straight to the workplace. 

Our delivery 

With the new installations of immersive rooms at each of our campuses, we are able to create a seamless link for learning. These rooms can be used across our campuses and can also connect to other rooms, webinars and seminars from other organisations allowing us to connect to the best information possible. 

With the world becoming digitally-led we are preparing our students for online situations when they leave us by being in a completely immersive environment. Students will really develop wider skills such as presentation and communication. 

James Parker, Director of Quality Education explains how it works: