Chief Executive Officer's Welcome

Our mission is simple: to connect you with exciting, aspirational careers.

Our mission at USP College is simple: to connect you with exciting, aspirational careers. 

We send you out into the world armed with excellent qualifications as well as the skills and work experience to make you stand out against your competitors. 

Whether you're planning to go to university, become an apprentice or enter the world of work, you'll have the edge to succeed. 


We focus on careers - not just qualifications.

By making careers pathways central to our ethos, we make sure your end goal or career choice is considered from day one. Both our A-Levels and our Professional courses have clear progression routes to university - and we take these routes into account before your studies begin. 

Instead of focusing on individual courses picked at random, we cluster qualifications into complimentary groups. We then teach you in ways designed to ensure that the skills you develop in your studies match the skills you'll need for your future. 

Giving you the skills employers want. 

With our career pathways you'll also engage in wider study and professional development, gaining communication, IT and soft skills, career-sector specific insights, plus work-ready attitudes and behaviours. 

As a result of extensive research, we know what employers are looking for. We have a good understanding of the kinds of jobs that are out there at a local and national level. And we've established excellent relationships with employers in Essex, which benefit both our students and the local community. 

You deserve to start adult life with the skills you need to be a success. And if you join us, that's what you can look forward to.