Financial & Professional Services

Careers in the Financial & Professional Services industries.

Careers in this sector often involve high productivity and high-income jobs, mostly working in an office environment.

The UK is one of the largest developed markets for professional services, with the largest contribution to our economic output overall.

Career options

The financial services & professional sector is very broad with a huge number of career options, you could choose to go to university to further your knowledge in the subject there, or you could choose to do an apprenticeship and learn on the job. Many companies offer graduate schemes as well as apprenticeship programmes, so no matter what your learning style is, you can still access a career in this sector.

In this career sector, you may have the opportunity to work in different cities and travel with your work, as almost every culture has a need for workers in this sector. You may also have the opportunity to become a freelance if you become an expert in your field.

We offer four tailored career packages in this sector:

These career packages offer you the choice of working towards your goal in different ways, whether that be A-Levels or Professional (BTEC) courses. Our tutors are encouraged to communicate with professionals in the industry in order to maintain and update their skills and pass on this knowledge to students. Professional development days also give you the chance to experience what life is really like in your chosen career and give valuable insight that others may not have.

Employment opportunities

With the UK as one of the financial capital cities of the world, demand is high for these types of jobs, and an estimated 2.3 million people are currently employed in the financial and professional sector*. There will always be a high demand for people in finance and professional services, and progression routes are easily accessible due to the high frequency of roles in this sector. 

What do I need?

The key requirement for a job in this sector is a drive to work hard, and the ability to focus on your work in order to achieve your goals.  

What can I earn?

Starting salaries in financial and professional services can range from £20,000-£40,000*, but can be higher in some professions such as investment banking, where starting salary can be anywhere up to £60,000. Depending on how far your career progresses, you could be earning a six figure salary, depending on the location of your work and the company you work for.

*information from the cityuk.