Medical Technologies & Life Sciences

Careers in the Medical Technologies & Life Sciences industries.

Careers in this sector are highly rewarding, giving you the chance to not only help people on an individual basis but make a difference to society as a whole.

The Medical Technologies & Life Sciences Sector guides students towards careers in, engineering, animal services, science, medicine, and IT. We have onsite engineering workshops and brand-new laboratories to support practical elements alongside theoretical teaching.

Many of our staff in this sector have worked in industry, allowing them to give our students a flavour of working life. This along with our sector boards means that students are informed of latest trends in the sector and we can ensure they have the skills and qualifications to take the next steps towards their chosen career.

The key requirement for a job in this sector is a caring and compassionate personality and a genuine desire to help people/animals.

Career Options

The sector is very broad with many career options, whether you’re more suited to gaining a degree at university followed by medical training or starting with on-the-job experience and working towards professional qualifications later in your career to help you progress.

Our Career Pathways

Our career pathways have been designed alongside employers from this sector. They are a bespoke mix of qualifications and professional development opportunities, which will enable you to develop additional skills that employers are looking for.

Discover our pathways:


Medical Pathway

Leading to employment within the Paramedic, Pharmacist & Veterinary Technician industries.

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Physical Sciences Pathway

Leading to employment within the Pharmacist, Research Scientist, and Astronomer industries.

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Engineering Pathway

Leading to employment within the Surveyor, Chemical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering industries.

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Life Sciences.png

Life Sciences Pathway

Leading to employment within the Biochemist, Environmental Scientist & Microbiologist industries.

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