Seevic - Facilities

We have a fantastic range of facilities for every student to enjoy.

From places to relax with your friends, to dedicated study areas where you can get on with your work, there's somewhere for everyone at our Seevic Campus.

We have a variety of on-site food and beverage facilities open throughout the day so no matter when you get peckish you can grab a bite to eat.

Facilities include:

  • The Hub
    • The Hub is the heart of our Seevic Campus and is a space where you can relax with your friends, eat some food or study in groups or individually.
  • The Network
    • Our newest addition to study space. The Network is a free study space which can sometimes be booked for progress sessions, lessons or just a quiet place to get your head down and study.
  • The LINC
    • With over 50 computers which are free to use throughout the day this is a quiet place of study for students.
  • On-site gym