Transitioning from The Deanes School to USP College.

Helping to prepare you for your future at USP College.


We understand that the future might look a bit scary at the moment, but we are dedicated to ensuring our students leave us with the competitive edge, and our teachers have been working hard to make sure you are equally well-equipped for your next steps with us. 

Under normal circumstances, after you apply to us we would invite you to come and meet your teachers and have a taster of your chosen subjects. But, due to the current closures as a result of COVID-19, we have adapted this so you can now access a range of transition learning materials and activities from your home. 

We have created a set of online learning materials for each of our subjects to make sure you're perfectly prepared to start your journey from The Deanes School to USP College in September. 

How do I access the online material? 

If you have applied to the College already please check your emails - we have sent you a link so you can access the materials. 

If you haven't applied yet, don't worry you can still enjoy a taster of teaching and learning at USP, just apply for any of our courses and you'll receive a link to the materials for the ones you're interested in. You can discover and apply for all of our courses online - whether that be A-Levels or Professional Qualifications (BTECs)

If you are still unsure what to do after school, that's okay - our Careers Advisors are here and can give you free and impartial advice about your next steps based on your career goals. Get in touch via email at careers@uspcollege.ac.uk or book a phone call or Microsoft Teams Meeting here



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Offering exceptional courses, USP College is an excellent place to study.

I have enjoyed doing work at home so far as it is something different, teachers will always get back to you as quickly as they can. More importantly, this has shown that even if you are at home work can still be done no matter your surroundings.