21 January 2021

Student CPD Day - Wednesday 16 December


Students quiz Gunner in the Army

Live Q&A with Rebecca Harris, Conservative MP for Castle Point, and Colin Maclean, Conservative Councillor Cedar Hall.

A-Level Classical Civilisation and History students were given the valuable opportunity to take part in sessions with Castle Point MP Rebecca Harris and local Councillor Colin Maclean. Delivered in partnership with The Politics Project, who work with educational establishments to deliver high quality political education, the two sessions gave excellent insight to students who are considering a political or local government career. Q and A sessions saw students ask a number of well researched and quite probing questions with points strongly debated and discussed in great detail.

Neosevern Marketing present to Business Level 3 students

Olando Salina shared his extensive marketing knowledge in an informative session to business students with content that linked to Module 2 of their course. They learnt about the importance of social media and online marketing, how to decide which method best suited certain industry sectors and the importance of research to determine the end user or target market. He also explained how the Covid-19 Pandemic has forced businesses to change and adapt their preferred marketing strategy and find alternative methods to attract new customers.

Pathways students focus on business skills

The College’s Pathways Department supports individuals with a recognised learning difficulty, or disability, and offers students the opportunity to develop their independent learning and living skills in a supportive environment.

Some CPD sessions are presented in house by USP College teachers. Rosemary Goodwin worked with Pathways students to focus on their business skills discussing what attributes were needed to succeed and evolve in the workplace. Students were set a practical project to decorate a Christmas decoration which required them to consider sourcing materials, identifying the cheapest supplier, costing the overall project and considering how they would market it.

Creative Arts speak to two industry professionals

Actor, Filmmaker and stage director Charles Sharman Cox

Creative, Media and Performing Art Students gained invaluable advice from highly respected industry experts Charles Sharman Cox and Andrew Delaney, both of whom have enjoyed successful careers each within their respective fields of film, stage and TV.

Actor and Director, Charles, discussed the importance of acquiring a diverse set of skills that could be adapted across the TV and film industry to enhance long term employability.

New art Films - music video and filmmaker Andrew Delaney

Music video director and filmmaker, Andrew, also has a wealth of music industry knowledge having previously worked with Lauren Hill and George Michael. He shared his experiences of working on both big budget projects and small independent films.

Top tips from employers